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Join SSPI-WISE for the January 2023 monthly meeting! 

This year,  SSPI-WISE will hold closed meetings on the "odd" numbered months, and open meetings on the "even" months.  SSPI-WISE closed meetings are open to the women of the industry, as we contemplate ways to ensure women's participation and engagement in the industry.  Women are invited to register for the closed meetings of the 1st half of the year here:

Last month we were so excited to see how much we've accomplished!  Let's kick off the new year together, and make 2023 even MORE exciting than 2022!

To learn more about SSPI-WISE visit SSPI-WISE - Women in Space Engagement!


 SSPI-WISE is grateful for the support of:

26 Jan 2023
2:00pm - 3:00pm EST

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